sea level rising
Sea level rise
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Plan B "Polar solution" project
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With technology, we can solve the sea level rise serious problem
A completely ecological solution replicating natural mechanisms

Robots :

Polar areas (Antarctica, Greenland, etc) are exceptionally hostile :
- The cold weather is extreme.
- Wind's strength is extreme (katabatic winds).
- Blizzard is frequent (snowstorms where moreover visibility is low).
- It's night six months of the year.
- The average altitude is :
    - 2 300 meters in Antarctica,
    - 2 130 meters in Greenland,
  this is an additional difficulty.
- etc.

It is therefore technically very difficult to work and to realize pipelines in those very hostile environments.

In Antarctica, all scientific bases are near the coasts, with the exception of a very few bases.
During winters in Antarctica, there are very few human remaining in polar bases and they do not go outside, so much conditions are extreme.
These persons are isolated from mankind during all the winter.
Construction of a pipeline requires large infrastructure, costly and long to implement.   To do it in an extremely hostile environment with human workers is impossible.

Necessary infrastructure to answer the physiological needs of workers : heating, food, toilet blocks, rest, to sleep, etc, would be more complex to implement than construction of the pipeline itself.
Robots do not have those needs.
The use of robots simplifies constraints related to the obligation to have a livable environment for human workers, with all the logistics that it implies.
Moreover polar environment is too dangerous for human workers.

An example of robot

These robots can be autonomous.
But it is easier that they are remote at a great distance by human operators.
For example, terrestrial robots working in Antarctica can be operated from anywhere in the world.
Robots's pilots can therefore have a comfortable life like everyone.
Advantages of robots :
- They can work permanently.
- It is not necessary to have infrastructures for workers (housing, feeding, etc).
- There are no dangers to workers.

To work in Antarctica, it's almost working on another planet, nothing that is done elsewhere can function in Antarctica.
All conventional methods are not applicable, everything must be thought again.
New methods must be used, new tools must be designed.

We are using advanced technology to solve the problem.