sea level rising
Sea level rise
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Plan B "Polar solution" project
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With technology, we can solve the sea level rise serious problem
A completely ecological solution replicating natural mechanisms

Proposed solution :

general principle
General principle

This is a technology allowing to solve sea level rising problem.
We must fight against the consequences of climatic changes :
- Because the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions is almost not done.
- Because greenhouse gases will remain a long time in the atmosphere.
  Oceans thermic inertia, and the whole system in general, is such that anyway, even if tomorrow we will stop all anthropogenic CO2 and CH4 emissions, there will be serious climatic changes.

Advantages of this solution :
- This is a solution.
  And possible solutions we do not have much, except building seawalls.
- It is a global solution, which acts on all coasts, instead of acting only locally with seawalls.
  It solves the problem uniformly everywhere, for rich countries and poor countries.
- This solution is extremely clean, it reproduces nature's mechanisms.

Disadvantages of this solution :
- The technical difficulty.
  But if we only do easy things, man would never went to the moon,
  planes would not exist, etc.
- Water volume to store as ice is gigantic.
  It is at the level of mistakes committed until now with an irresponsible human behavior.
  But despite the extent of the task, that is possible.

The idea, it is something, it is simple.
But the real implementation, that is something else.
It is technically very difficult because of extreme weather.

This solution is complex, very ambitious.   Water volumes to transport are huge.
But the worst is that :
- This solution is more realistic than :
   - To build pharaonic seawalls.
   - To abandon cities and to rebuild them, etc.
- This solution solves only one problem linked to climatic changes.

The problem is becomming to be visible, it will be even more clear in a few years.
Either we do nothing, and we suffer.   Either we act.

Usually, nature does this work for free and efficiently.   But due to the irresponsible behavior of humans, now we must do a part of this work.
Then we will help nature and do what nature does.
We must compensate the extra water level linked to the burning of fossil fuels, storing this supplement as does Earth.

The size of the task is proportional to considerable fossil carbon volumes sent into the atmosphere as CO2 and CH4 by mankind since the industrial revolution.

Solutions to climatic problems go through cleantech.

The technical challenge is important, but we will make it, if there is funding to do it.
The real challenge is the considerable volume of water to transport.

Repair consequences when it is too late is the lesser evil.
But, we must above all fight against the problem at the basis, by drastically limiting greenhouse gases emissions.