sea level rising
Sea level rise
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Plan B "Polar solution" project
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With technology, we can solve the sea level rise serious problem
A completely ecological solution replicating natural mechanisms

Global warming :

Climatic changes :
In the past, climate has changed due to variations in the Earth's orbit, due to volcanoes, etc.
This time, the cause is the burning of fossil fuels by humans.   Large amounts of carbon stored geologically is released into the atmosphere as CO2 and CH4.
The carbon cycle has been modified by human activity.

In the history of planet Earth (4.5 billion years), there has never been an animal specy to dig holes and drilling to extract from geological layers the carbon stored as oil, gas, coal, (and soon methane hydrates) and burn this carbon in very large quantities.
Geologically, it is an incongruity, a specific geological feature is extracted from where it was buried for millions of years.
The only existing example, these are massive releases of methane that was stored in the form of methane hydrates.   A massive extinction of species (Permian-Triassic extinction) has resulted otherwise.

In thermodynamics, Earth is a closed system with radiative exchange.
Earth is a planet surrounded by vacuum, Earth does not send matter outwards (except a spaceship exceptionally).
Earth receives no matter (mass received with meteorites, etc, is negligible).
On the other hand, Earth receives sunlight, in visible light.
And Earth emits back this energy as infrared radiation.
But greenhouse gases are blocking a part of this infrared radiation.
So more there are greenhouse gases and more energy remains trapped.

The other consequences of climate change :
The device shown here is a solution to solve one of the consequences of climate change.
But the sea level rise is only one of the negative consequences of climate change, there are many other problems.
There are many other negative consequences of these changes :
- droughts / floods,
- ocean acidification,
- more powerful hurricanes,
- etc.
We must do everything possible to limit the use of fossil fuels.   In order to limit the increase of greenhouse gases.
Unfortunately we are only at the beginning of serious problems.

What is new compared to other geological periods, is the increase rapidity of CO2 emissions.   This speed is exceptional, So even references relative to other periods are not accurate, because what is happening now is unprecedented, and consequences will also be unprecedented.