sea level rising
Sea level rise
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Plan B "Polar solution" project
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With technology, we can solve the sea level rise serious problem
A completely ecological solution replicating natural mechanisms

Problem presentation :

The problem :
Slowly but surely, sea level rises.   This rise is accelerating and we are only at the beginning of the problem.
We have the following choices :
Plan 0 : we suffer, without doing anything.
Plan A : we build seawalls, it is an adaptation.
Plan B : we help nature with the project "Polar solution", and we solve the problem.

Plan 0 :
The cost of inaction will be very high :
- Flooding of low islands : Kiribati, Polynesia, etc.
- Partial flooding of countries : Bangladesh, Netherlands, Florida, etc.
- Flooding of deltas : Rhône delta (Camargue), Ganges delta, Nile delta, Danube delta, etc.
- Loss of agricultural land.
- Flooding of coastal cities : Venice, New Orleans, Bangkok, etc.
- Loss of beaches and effect on tourism.
- etc.

Plan A :
Seawalls are very local solutions, very costly, and having height limits.

Plan B :
The project "Polar solution".
The device presented here does what nature does : storing water in the form of ice, in polar regions.   Sea level is defined like that.
In the history of planet Earth, sea level variations have always been linked to volumes of water stored in the form of ice.
The device presented here, simply reproduces the natural mechanism of Earth.

The principle :
The solution is to lower the sea level removing water excess in oceans, and to store permanently this water in the form of ice or snow in polar areas.
For example : in Greenland, in Antarctica, in Svalbard.
Moreover those areas are at high altitudes, which reduces temperature.
Water is transported through pipelines until storage place.

general principle
General principle

It is a global solution, acting uniformly on the entire problem, unlike seawalls, which are very local solutions.

Aims of this project :
- avoid population displacements of climatic refugees,
- avoid astronomical economic costs.

To realize this storage in hyper hostile areas where human workers can not operate, avant garde technologies will be used with remote controlled robots and many other technologies.

We are working to the first prototypes achievement.

On earth, the same substance (water) has always the same total amount, but it is divided into three stocks.
Three stocks are corresponding to the three states of water :
- The liquid water stock (salted and unsalted).
  (The sea ice stock it is not to put in the ice stock,
  it is in the salty liquid water stock.)
- The solid ice stock (iced pure water, under the form of ice and snow).
- The gaseous stock of water in vapor form (clouds, air moisture),
  this stock is negligible.

Sea level depends on the distribution of the amount of water on planet Earth between liquid stock and solid stock (ice).
The project aim "Polar solution" is to displace a part of the water mass included in liquid water stock (in oceans) to the frozen water stock (on the ground, in very cold areas).

Over geological periods, sea level has always been adjusted by increasing or decreasing of polar caps and glaciers.
So we only do what nature has always done.
This is the normal water cycle.
Storage will only be done to compensate mistakes done with increasing of greenhouse gases by human activity.